Halloween?! バターナッツかぼちゃ Butternut Squash



I got this Butternut Squash from my friend in this month, October 2021. It is the first time for me to see such a funny shape vegetable. Its rather like Calabash than Squash.

I’ve ever wrote a song “Calabash” for the album “Adventure” but never wrote about Butternut Squash yet, though.


I cut into two pieces. It looks like a squash which upper part stretched.


I peeled and cut it into small pieces and microwaved it for 12 minutes. My microwave’s longest setting of heating time is 6 minutes. I did it 2 times. Wattage is 700.


I cooked it together with sliced onion and water.


It became like this after I simmered and crushing with a spatula.


I let it cool in room temperature and mixed in a blender.


The power of machine is great but it’s too much work for me to clean it.


I put it in a pan and heat, added soup cube and milk.



I added fresh cream and parsley for finish. Yum. I can eat it all in a moment. I put the leftover into some Ziplocs and kept it in a freezer to avoid overeat. I can store them about three months.

I just wanted to share pictures of rare vegetable.