July 23rd, Day Off


It was a day off today.  Atsuko and I went to a shopping mall close to our hotel.  In the same area of the mall, there was a famous restaurant called “Benihana”.  We ate lunch there.  It’s a fashion model Devon Aoki’s father’s restaurant.  They say it’s a Japanese restaurant but very unique as these photos.


The chef cooked h shape fried rice, onion volcano.  Everything was very tasty.  Juicy beef and shrimps and sweet fresh vegetables with creative, delicious sauce.  I took onion volcano with my video and when I took a photo, fire became smoke.  After cooking, chef wiped the cooking plate and it became very much clean.  It was as if nothing had happened.


At the mall, there was a restaurant looks like an attraction at Disney Land.  It must be a kid’s favorite.


There was a big fountain in the mall.  The sealing was a dome like a planetarium.  Atsuko and I spent 6 hours in the mall. What a long time!   I bought some clothes and a cinnamon roll.  Shopping is fun.