August 19th, Nashville, TN

8月19日(日) Nashville, TN “Exit/In”


Wow!  There is a shiny silver pyramid!


Passed through a Pyramid, we arrived at the venue.

「SHONEN KNIFE」の文字のNが落ちていたので、お店の人が治しているところ。

“N” of “SHONEN KNIFE” was missing and a man at the venue was fixing.


At a used guitar shop in front of the venue, there were nice guitars but it was closed because of Sunday.


Krispy Kremeのドーナツ屋さんがあったので、翌朝用にひとつ買いました。

For dinner, we had Indian dishes.  It was the first time for this tour to eat it.  Indian curry is always tasty.

We found Krispy Kreme donuts shop and I bought one for breakfast.

この日から、White Mysteryがフロントアクトとして再度合流。オープニングアクトは、去年何回か一緒にツアーしたHeavy Creamのみなさん。彼らはNashvilleが、地元なのです。Heavy Creamと記念写真を撮りました。


White Mystery rejoined to our tour as a front act.  Opening act was Heavy Cream that they joined our tour last year.  They are a Nashville band.  We took a photo with Heavy Cream.

For our show, some audience came from far away.  Thanks a lot.  We could have a good time with kind audience.