August 21st, Cleveland, OH

8月21日(火) Cleveland, OH “Beachland Ballroom”

この日のライブは、今回のツアー全行程30回のうちの29回目のライブ。そして、一般のライブとしては最後になります。最終のライブは、プライベートパーティーだからね。車は順調に進み、目的地のクリーブランドが近づいてきたあたりで、昼食の時間となりました。行ったお店は、りつこさん、えみさん、念願のAll You Can Eatレストラン、ゴールデン・コーラルへ。ツアークルーのJohnが、Jimmy John’sのサンドイッチを食べたい気持ちを抑えて、探してくれたか?!


It was the 29th show of 30 shows for this tour and the last regular show. The 30th show is a private party.  We drove smoothly, close to our destination Cleveland we decided to eat lunch.  The restaurant we went was an all you can eat restaurant “Golden Corral” which Ritsuko and Emi wanted to come long time,  Our crew John might wanted to eat Jimmy John’s sandwich but he took us to Golden Corral.  Everybody looked happy.

去年のツアー中、ここのお店に来て、そうだ、食べ放題の歌を作ろうと思って出来た曲が、「All You Can Eat」。


When we came here last year during the tour, I was inspired to write a song “All you can eat”.  Giant steak!  There was colorful carrot cake at dessert area.


My first serve was meatloaf, onion ring, baby leaf, broccoli, sprout, tomato spaghetti, corn and lemonade.


My second serve were mushroom sauté, baby leaf, tiny tomato, fish cake salad, コールスロー, carrot, almond and raison for topping.


The sired serve were cookies, chocolate coated marshmallow and strawberry at chocolate fountain.


Everybody looked happy.


After pig out, we got through downtown and went to the venue.  Many people at our show and everybody ROCKed.  Thank you!!