August 22nd, Toronto, CANADA

8月21日(火) Toronto, CANADA “Heart House, University of Toronto”

クリーブランドから、まずはバッファローへ。目指すはGood Charamel Recordsのスタジオ。湖が見えてきた。そして、バッファローのダウンタウン。



From Cleveland, we dropped at Good Charamel’s studio in Buffalo.   I saw a lake and downtown.

We arrived at the studio and had a good pizza.  30 minutes drive brought to the border of Canada.

Usually, it takes 2 hours 30 minutes from the border to Toronto but in downtown, bad traffic jam was happening and it took long.

We arrived at Toronto University.  Beautiful!

このような銅像が、学内に!  Wow, this statue…



The day was system biology conference.  Scientists were gathering from all over the world.

For some people, it was the first time to see our show but everybody there seemed enjoyed and they looked happy.  We were happy, too.  After show, there was a long line at the merch table.


Good Charamel Recordsのロビーさん、みよこさんをはじめ、関係者のみなさま、ありがとうございました!




Then, our North American tour, 30 shows in 5 weeks, was over on this day.  I really thank to our audience.

I also thank to Robby and Miyoko at Good Charamel records and who are working for our tour.

John and Ryan who are our crew did great job.  Of course  Atsuko, too.

Ritsuko and Emi did ROCK performance!

Thanks to you and thanks to them, I could have a very good time during the tour.  I’d like to come back to North America again.

愛をこめて。 なおこ

Lots of love from Naoko.  xoxo