27th October Aalborg, Studenterhuset

10月27日(土)デンマーク、オールボー「 Studenterhuset 」


In the morning, we flew from snowy Tromso, Norway to Oslo.


Our driver Ian picked us at the airport and drove to the port of Lavik, Denmark.
Ian was staying in Oslo with the van when we had flights to Helsinki and Tromso.
At the ferry terminal, there was an ice cream machine.  I didn’t want to eat because it was so cold.


We took a ferry fide from Lavik. Is this our captain?


We spent 3 hours and a little more in a ferry.  I ate hot dog for dinner at cafeteria.
Everyone was having a rest as they want.


We arrived at the port Hirshals and drove an hour.  After we arrived at the venue in Aalborg, we had to rush.  Only 1 hour and 30 minutes left till the show time.
People at the venue helped us load in and we could set very quickly.  My Fender Twin reverb amp had broken and I had to rent an amp.  It was difficult to make sound.
It didn’t have clean sound channel.


The venue served dinner for us.  Chicken and potato was so good but it was just before the show and I couldn’t eat a lot.

これで、Pop Tune Tour 2012 英国、欧州編、全24回のライブが無事終了しました。見に来てくれたお客さん、ありがとうございました。そして、関係者の皆様お疲れ様でした。

The venue related with a school and there were regular audience and many students there.  They danced and moshed.
It became a suitable show for the tour final.
We’ve done 24 shows for UK/EU Pop Tune Tour 2012 safely. I thank to our audience and thank to our tour staff.  It was a GREAT tour!

We’ll travel to Antwerp from Aalborg.  Then the day after tomorrw, Antwerp to London for Talk Show at Japan Foundation.