September 21st “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” Paris, France

September 21st Saturday “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” Paris, France

9月21日(土)”Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris” フランス、パリ


At a french gas station.  Written only in French.  Which is which?!


In the venue, Harajuku, Akiba style events were held. I wished I could see around.

食べ物ブースには「たこやき」も。「たこやき」やさんの部分は、Osaka Funky Oishii Parisってとこかしら?!

At the food court, there was a Takoyaki, octopus ball, shop.  Takoyaki is from Osaka and it can be “Osaka Funky Oishii Paris”?!

ケータリングにはフランスらしいお料理をいただきました。お魚おいしかったです。Tokyo Crazy Oishii Paris!!

For catering, we had French. Fish tastes food. Tokyo Crazy Oishii Paris!!

FYI: Oishii means Yummy. Kawaii means Cute.


It was an open air stage. I love it.


This video was introducing J-Pop and the artist who play for this event. I’m ashamed to see myself in a big screen.


I zoomed up this lady who talked before shows.  Wearing see throuh shirt.



I’ve heard that rock music is not so popular in France but I saw the audience at our show enjoyed a lot. There were people from far away, for example from Lyon and father and a dauter came together and she made a booklet of Shonen Knife.  I was glad about that.

Thank you for inviting to a cool event. I’d like to come to France and have shows again soon.


I orderd Sushi deliverry at the hotel and ate it with wine. I especially like Rucola and cream cheese rolled by salmon very much. It goes well with soy sauce. I’d like to try to make it.