Nov. 7th Drive Day

From Rochester to New Port



9 hours drive today. I found popcorn in a giant bag at a service. 

次の休憩で昼食。みよこさん、あつこ、ケニー、テイラーは、Apple Beesでランチ。りさちゃんは、マクドナルド。私は昼ご飯はこの時は食べずに、まずは一角にあったBass Pro Shopへ行ってお買い物。

At the next stop, we tried to have lunch. Miyoko, Atsuko, Kenny and Taylor went to Apple Bees. Risa went to McDonald’s. I didn’t went to a eating place but Bass Pro Shop for shopping. 

その後、その一角にあるWalmart へ。

After that, I went to Walmart close to Bass Pro. 


I bought cookies and



Driving and driving, the sun was going down. 

ローチェスターのホテルを出て9時間後、やっとニューポートのホテルに到着。近くのApple Beesで、みよこさん、あつこと3人で晩御飯。あつことみよこさんは、Apple Bees今日、何と!二回め。赤ワイン、おいしい!!

Finally we arrived at a hotel in Newport after 9 hours. Miyoko, Atsuko and I went to Apple Bees after check in. It became the second time in one day for Miyoko and Atsuko to come to Apple Bees. I had red wine. So yummy!!!


I ordered deep fried shrimps and salads. Tasty. 


There were some arcade games at the hotel and Atsuko and I tried to go there. Risa was there and we three played game together and


bought ice cream. This vending machine was fun. I could see the prcess of vending from the window on the front. After we put bills, the fridge’s door would open and a vacuum hose catch the ice cream. 

Then we went back to the hotel room and went to bed.