May 20, Three Links, Dallas TX

After checked out the hotel, we drove a while and had a lunch break at a Thai restaurant. A deep fried spring roll era served as a starter. 


I ordered Pat See Ew. The portion is big and the rate of noodles is small in the U.S. The flavor was oyster sauce. 


At the Thai restaurant. 


We drove more and had a break at a gas station. There were retro game machines. 


Scale. Should I try it now?!


There was no sound check on this day, we arrived at the hotel around 4:30 and stayed until 7:30. I made steamed rice with microwave cooker and ate fish roe mayo rice. 


I made rice balls and brought them with me. I gave them to her before the show. She was glad and I was happy. Drummer needs energy. 


Coming closer to downtown of Dallas. 


From a car window. 


We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and went to the venue. There are many restaurants, music clubs or bars around here and crowded. Most of all people came here by car and so many cars were parked.


The event had already started. A cool country style band was playing. 


A poster for this event. It was an after party of tattoo festival. 

ロサンゼルスから来たと言う、まるでタイムマシンに乗ってやって来たのか?みたいなグラムロックバンド、Dr. Boogie の皆さんと記念撮影。

We took a picture with a glam rock band Dr. Boogie. They came from Los Angeles but I felt that they came from the past riding on a time machine. 

会場のThree Linksは、ポケストップになっていた。

The venue Three Links is a Poke Stop. 


Shonen Knife ‘s long time supporter Larry King and his son came to see us. 


We are ready to go!who is it at the behind? Edy from Iron Maiden?!

pic by Miyoko 


The packed audience were very friendly and cheerful. Thank you so much!

pic by Miyoko 



We had no time to eat dinner and we went to buy donuts to a donut shop next to the venue after show. It is a popular shop and there was a long queue. Serving tastes a little long time. It may be one reason why so long queue appears. 

When we were waiting in a queue and finally the time to order had came. At that time a woman came near us and told us”Can you tell my order to the clerk?” It was a kind of cutting in. We said no because many people are waiting. Then the woman asked to a woman in front of us who just finished her order. She ordered for the “cutting in” woman ‘s order. The shop clerk said nothing about this. I was disgusted. It was a little scary and we could do nothing. 

ちょっといちゃもん付いてしまいましたが、ともかくここ、Glazedはベーコンが乗ったドーナツなど変わり種のドーナツを色々売ってて、ポートランドのVoo Doo Donuts と似た感じです。

Anyway, this donut shop Glazed is similar to Voo Doo Donut in Portland. They sell creative donuts like bacon on donuts. 


Open the package 


The white square one is not tofu but marshmallow. I was hungry and ate it quickly. My hands got sticky. 


When loading out, Kenny had a white cloth wrapped by a film on his leg. I wondered that he might got injured and asked to him. He said that he had had a tattoo at a spare time today. It was a tattoo festival and he made a contact with a tattoo artist beforehand. He said that the tattoo artist was a fan of Shonen Knife and she gave him a discount. It was lucky for him.