September 18, Departure Day

Ready! Set!! Go!!! オーストラリア&ニュージーランドツアーのはじまりはじまり〜。

9月18日(月) 敬老の日、我々のフライトは夜遅い便。家を出るまで時間にゆとりがあったので、ツアーに備えて顔のパックをする事にしました。



教訓: 出発前にいつもと変わった事したらあかん。


It’s a departure day for Ready! Set!! Go!! Australia and New Zealand tour. 

Departure time of our flight is late at night. I had spare time at home until Igo out and I decided to do cosmetic face pack. 

I took a shower and put one piece of pack on my face. After a few minutes later I felt some stimulation on my face. I thought this hot stimulation must be good for my skin and kept the pack longer. Then I pealed it and had very sore face. I saw a mirror and so surprised!!! My face skin where under the pack turned very red!!! So sore!

I rushed to a freezer to take refrigerants and wrapped with towels. I make my face cool down with them for a while. I wanted to go to a doctor’s office but it was a national holiday. I almost scream in despair. But I kept my face cool down, got a little better. I’ve never had such a horrible rash from cosmetics. 

I learned that I shouldn’t do unusual things before the tour. 

My face calmed down and arrived at the airport. 


Took a picture with Risa at Osaka Kansai airport. 


At a departure gate.