29 April A day off, New Castle


We checked out the hotel at 12:00. After drop Jack off at a railway station, three of us and Pep drove to a hotel in New Castle.

ニューカッスルと隣り合ったゲイツヘッドに近づいた頃、ペップさんが写真スポットがあるよ、と言ってAngel of the Northに連れてきてくれました。ちなみに、わたしは7年前にも来ています。

My snail blog. August 12th – August 14th

When we came near Gateshead near New Castle, Pep said that there was a good photo spot. And he drove us to Angel of the North. I visited this 7 years ago.


It was cold but Ice Cream car was opened.


We checked in the hotel after that. Only 4 shows left now. I thought it’s time to eat a cup noodles which I bought at a Chinese supermarket a few days ago because I wanted to make my luggage small. It tasted good.


Then Atsuko and I went to O2 shop to top up. Walking through these places.


We off to go to a big O2 shop at a big shopping mall. Top up was from 15 pounds of 6GB but I will stay only a week more. I decided to buy a new prepaid SIM for 10 pounds of 2GB. It was the minimum. A shop clerk put the SIM card kindly. I got to know that I should buy a SIM card at a big shop in a shopping mall and ask to put it in the mobile phone.


I felt the atmosphere of Japan at a kitch fancy stationery shop or the decoration of wisteria.


On the way to the hotel. There are many historical old buildings like castle and church.


Graffiti under the bridge. A little scary.

川沿いのこの建物は、明日のライブ会場Sage 2。川の向こうは、ゲイツヘッド。川のこちらは、ニューカッスル。

Our venue of tomorrow is in this building at the riverside. Over the river is Gateshead. This side is New Castle.


We went back to the hotel and met Risa and Pep. All of us went to have dinner.


We went to a steak house. It’s the last off of the tour. Everyone is doing great job and had a tiny party. I ordered salmon. It was good. Risa ate 400g of steak. Atsuko had 300g.


Seeing the lighten up building of our venue and walk back to the hotel. Then went to bed.