My snail blog. August 12th – August 14th

Friday, August 12th  Summer Sundae Festival in Leicester, UK

We left London around noon and arrived at Leicester at 17:30.  The atmosphere of this festival looks like Fuji Rock Festival Japan.  It’s peaceful and fun.



We played in a huge tent like a circus.  So many audience came to see us and could have a very good time.   I walked around the venue.  Lighting at night was so beautiful.  After our show, “silent disco” was held in the tent we’ve played.  Everybody wore a headphone and dance with the DJ.  It looks so fun.  I’m sure it will be popular in Japan near future.

私たちの会場はサーカスで使うような巨大テントの中。たっくさんのお客さんが見に来てくれてとても楽しいひと時を過ごせた。そして会場を散策。 ライティングがきれいだった。私らの演奏の後、テント内では「サイレントディスコ」が開催されていた。みんながヘッドホンをしてDJに合わせて踊る。何とも楽しげ。日本でももうすぐ流行るのでは?

Saturday, August 13th  Deaf Institute in Manchester, UK


Manchester, the home of Buzzcocks.  We had 3 hours drive and an hour rest, arrived at Manchester.  It was a cool venue.  The ticket was sold out and the show was so hot.  I want to come back to Manchester again.


Sunday, August 14th  The Cluny in New Castle, UK


We saw “An Angel of the North” on the way to New Castle.  It looked like “The Tower of the Sun” in Osaka.


The show was mostly packed and exciting.  Opening act was a girl’s band.  It reminds me of the Raincoats and very nice.  This time was the first time to come to New Castle after 18 years.  I remember that we played with a Glasgow band, BMX Bandits here last time.  I know New Castle brown beer tastes so good but had no time to have it.  I want to come here again, too.

このライブもほとんど売り切れで楽しかった。オープニングで出たガールズバンドはレインコーツを彷彿させる面白いバンドだった。わたしはニューキャッスルに来るのは18年ぶり。前回はスコットランドはグラスゴーのバンド「BMX Bandits」とこの町でライブしたなぁ。ニューキャッスルブラウンビールがおいしいのは知ってたけど、今回は味わえなかった。ここにもまた来たいです。