Oct 3 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom Of The Hill

ホテルの部屋でブログを書いたり、身支度したり、直子が炊いたご飯と卵スープを食べたりしてるとあっという間に 出発の時間になりました。渋滞を見越して3時半にホテルを出ました。

Time passed so fast while I was writing my blog, preparing myself. I had quick lunch in the hotel room. It was time to leave for the venue.


I’m wondering why they are parking like this. It’s because the slope is steep and can park more cars???


We arrived at the venue an hour earlier than we expected. Miyoko and Knives were looking for a coffee shop.


I had a chai tea and almond danish. I didn’t drink coffee at the coffee shop because sometimes I can’t sleep.


We came this venue several times. I remember when we played here, we were always rushing after long drive. We had enough time to do sound check this time.


There are posters designed by Kozik.


We had a video interview after sound check.


I chose chicken tacos from menu the venue served.


Tonight’s lineup.

1番目はエレマシ。ELECTRIC MACHINE GUN TITS。コメディエンヌ、野沢直子さんのロックデュオ。お寿司とかラーメンの歌を披露してはりました。我々とかぶってます。笑

The first band was ELECTRIC MACHINE GUN TITS. The singer is Naoko Nozawa who is a comedienne in Japan. They were singing about sushi and ramen!! Same as Shonen Knife. lol 

2番目はKEPI GHOULIE。会場満杯のお客さんをかき分けて後方まで行ってみた。ギター&ヴォーカルのケピさんの楽しい音楽、盛り上がってます!

The second band was KEPI GHOULIE. They played fun and cool music. There were already  many people.


Ready to Rock!

Live photo by Miyoko


Many people came to the show. It was sold out! Thank you so much!! We Rocked the house!!!


We took a picture together after show. With DJ Sid, too.


Photo with Kepi who sometimes played together since 90’s.

Thank you San Francisco Rock City!

日本人のお客さんに大福とお茶の差し入れを頂きました。😊 おにぎり食べておやすみなさい。

We got Japanese sweets and tea from Japanese fan. 😁 I ate rice ball and went to bed. Good night!