May 18th DAS BETT, Frankfurt GERMANY


We left the guest house and went to a supermarket to buy something to eat but couldn’t find. Risa bought a bottle of Curry Ketchup for her souvenir because she have never seen it.

フランクフルト着。ホテルに荷物を置いて会場のDAS BETTへ。6年前にもお世話になった会場。

Arrived at Frankfurt. We dropped our luggage at a hotel and loaded in to the venue DAS BETT. I played here 6 years ago.


As soon as we arrived, I ate cheese from catering at a dressing room because I was so hungry. European cheese tastes good.



After soundcheck and set the merch, we got Chinese delivery for dinner. My order was Yaki-Udon. I ate fried noodles last time, too.


Bon appetite! I got power from Yaki-Udon and show time!

Live Photos by Pep


Risa took this photo from drum riser. Thank you for coming to our show! Danke! I saw many people who were wearing Metal fashion.


With our agent. Thank you so much!


I had this beer and played Animal Crossing game in bed and slept quickly.