September 12th Thursday, “DAS BETT” Frankfurt, Germany

September 12th Thursday, “DAS BETT”      Frankfurt, Germany

9月12日(木)DAS BETT ドイツ、フランクフルト


I got up a little early in the morning and went to see Cologne Dom.  On the way to the Dom, there was a old big gate.


I’ve been to Dom in 2009 when we were touring and went up to the top by walk.  It became the 2nd time to come here for me.


I saw Dom after 4 years.  It is dynamic, beautiful architecture ever.  I heard that it took more than 160 years to build.



After a short sightseeing, we drove to Frankfurt.  We checked in a hotel first.

It was so special.  It was a ship hotel on a らいん river.  It was so interesting.


There were many old houses.


Then we arrived at the venue.


We ate dinner at a Thai-Chinese restaurant next to the venue.  I ordered Yakisoba noodles.  It was so good.



Charged the power with Yakisoba, our show went very well.  For the encore, we played “I wanna eat choco-bars” by a request from the audience.

I’m happy because so many audience know our songs very well.  Danke!