June 30, 712 Day Party 2019 Osaka



July 12th is Shonen Knife Day! We decided this day is an anniversary day of SK at “Shonen Knife parliament” in 2000. 20 years have passed since then.

712 Day Party Japan Tour is an annual tour of Shonen Knife Day. The first show was held in our hometown Osaka.

新作、Sweet Candy Power のリリースツアーでもあります。

It’s also a release tour of our new album Sweet Candy Power.


We made new cute T-shirts!

We made cute badges, too.



Cool useful towels, too!


We loaded in the venue in the afternoon and did sound check. Then sat the merch table. Naru helped us as a merch lady today.

楽屋で用意してたらこんな素晴らしいケーキが届きました。Sweet Candy Power のアルバムジャケットをモチーフにしたケーキ!素晴らしい!ありがとうございます。

When we were preparing for our show, this beautiful cake was arrived. This cake’s motif is the artwork of our new album. Beautiful! Thanks a lot!


From the side.


I charged my energy by eating a Tuna Mayo rice ball and went up to the stage. I had a very good time with our audience. We played songs from our new album. Some were new for us to play and I got nervous but everything went well. I was happy about that. Thank you everyone!