July 26, Hope & Ruin, Brighton


Taking 2 hours, we drove back from Portsmouth last night after show. I had mushroom cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee in my hotel room from a cafe near by.

おいしかった。It was yummy.


I bought a salt caramel muffin, too. I ate it just a bite.


We drove 2 hours to Brighton.

ブライトンは海辺の観光地。Brighton is a sightseeing spot along the ocean.

貝殻好き。レトロなお土産物。I love seashells. It’s retro souvenirs.

綿菓子も好きです。 I love cotton candy, too.

街角で絵を描いてる人居た。 A guy was drawing a picture in the street.

こちら、会場。This is the venue.

The Hope & Ruin. First time to play here.

The Hope & Ruin、初めて演奏する会場。


中はこんなの。Inside of the venue.


Load in, setting, soundcheck and set the merch stall. It’s our routine.


We went to a gastropub searched through a map for dinner.


It’s very British style pub. Nice.


I wanted to eat Fish & Chips today and ordered.


I’m happy to eat food which I want to eat.

あつこと、りさちゃんは、ステーキ! Atsuko and Risa ate steak!

Live Photo by Pep


Then went back to the venue and show time! It was a sold out show. Thank you so much! I’m very glad. We loaded out after show and drove almost 2 hours. Coming back to London and went to bed.