September 4 Bourbon Theater, Lincoln NE


We left the hotel at 8am. I slept 5 hours because went to bed around 2am last night. We have to move more than 7 hours straight drive distance today.


Driving and driving, we filled up fuel at a dinosaur gas station.


Driving again and took a toilet break here.


We drove 8 hours and took a lunch break. We needed to adjust our watch one hour forward because of time difference. It was already 4pm.


We went to a Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered Vermicelli which is rice noodles with sweet chilli sauce.Yum. I like Asian food.




One more hour to get to our hotel. There was a railway crossing on the way. Very long train was running in front of us. It was lucky because I could see the last wagon of the train . It was almost passing through. That kind of train is very long and slow and needs to wait 10 minutes in case.


After we dropped off our luggage at a hotel and loaded in the venue. Wow! It’s a big sign board.


The other side of the venue. Good old buildings.

こちらも。This one, too.


A drawing on the wall in the venue seems old but spacemen were drawn.


There was a dog at this venue like yesterday. He followed its owner all the time. It might be a watchful.


Finished to set up merch stand.


We had no sound check caused by 9 hours long drive. We could do line check before the show. After we dropped off our luggage, we went to a bar next door to get dinner.


Atsuko and Risa bought pizza. I had salads to go. Brought another salad to Kira at merch table. I ate a little bit of it and one rice ball with me. Walnut and chicken tasted good.

Me Like Bees played the first.

最初にMe Like Beesが出て、


Our turn.

Live pic by Kira

Time passed quickly and show time came. I could have a good time with kind audience. Thanks a lot! G gentleman who had our autograph tattoo came to see us, too. Thank you!



Came back to the hotel and went to bed after having salad.