October 6 and 7 Travel Day from Pittsburgh PA USA to Osaka JAPAN

ピッツバーグのホテルから、朝5時半発のシャトルに乗って、空港へ。あつこ、りさちゃん、きらちゃんと私は、7時20分発のダラス行きに乗る。ダラスでりさちゃんと私は成田行き、あつこときらちゃんは、Los Angeles行きに搭乗予定。朝早いにも関わらず、みよこさんが空港まで送ってくれはった。その後、午前11時にみよこさんはクルーとツアーバンでバッファローまで帰る予定。まだ暗い空港で荷物をチェックインしてセキュリティー通過。

We took a hotel shuttle to Pittsburgh airport at 5:30am. Atsuko, Risa, Kira and I take a flight to Dallas at 7:20am. Risa and I transfer to Narita airport from Dallas. Atsuko and Kira take a flight to Los Angeles. It was very early in the morning but Miyoko took us to Pittsburgh airport. Miyoko and the crew will go back to Buffalo in the van at 11am. We checked in and went through the security at the airport. It was still dark outside.


All of us were hungry and went to McDonald’s at the airport. I bought bagel sandwich set and ate it in the airplane. After 2 hours and a half flight, we arrived at Dallas Fort Worth airport. I could not sleep in the airplane but played iPad game.


I said good bye to Atsuko and Kira at the DFW. Risa and I took a shuttle to our transfer gate.


DFW airport is very huge but simple and easy to transfer.



It’s oval shape. Parking shapes oval.



The first flight meal was beef and rice. The taste? Hmm…


The second meal was sandwich and ice cream. I ate ice cream only and took sandwich with me.




The 3rd meal was Pad Thai. It was tasty and I ate everything.

I tried to watch movie but fell in sleep. I repeated this 3 times and arrived at Tokyo Narita airport safely. I ate the sandwich from the flight meal at the airport. You Kamiji who is a wheelchair tennis player was in the same airplane with me.

We arrived at Osaka Itami airport safely after 50min flight. It was around 6pm. I noticed that the width of toilet rolls in Japan are wider than North American ones. It’s easy to use for me.


I wanted to eat Tamago Don, egg bowl, and made it one day after I came home. I got relaxed.


I also wanted to eat Takoyaki, octopus pancake balls, and went to buy it. So yum.