29 February 2020, Rehearsal Day



It’s 29th February which appear only once per 4 years. It is mid summer but the weather was comfortable. Not too much warm and sunny. Eating a cup Udon noodles, I relaxed in my room to keep my physical energy. All of us gathered and drove to the rehearsal venue by the sponsor’s van in the afternoon.


This rainbow gate is the finishing point of the event.


Drove through a beautiful waterfront.


We arrived at a huge warehouse. 9 stage trucks were parked. This is our truck.


Our band name is printed on the big banner!


We sat equipment on the stage.


A ladder steps is sat up beside the stage when we go up to.

今回は、われわれのサウンドマン、グレッグにQuilter Toneblockをお借りして、Marshallのキャビネットに接続。スペアとしてFender Twinを置いてもらいました。

I used our sound man Greg’s Quilter Toneblock and rented Marshall cabinet this time. I also rent Fender Twin as a spare.


Yellow banner on our truck. I heard that catch phrase of an Australian drama was written on it.

トラック全景。Whole appearance of our truck.

広い倉庫。Huge warehouse.


I of course wore AC/DC T-shirt.

トラックで移動しながらリハーサル。Moving and playing songs.


Move in the warehouse and went out to a huge parking outside.


When our truck went outside, hard wind blow the yellow banner up and hooked on a stage light. The yellow banner was fixed with wires after soundcheck. It is my first time to play on a moving truck during the long history of Shonen Knife. It will be a great experience for me.



We came back to the hotel once and went out to a supermarket.

イースターうさぎチョコ売ってました。Easter rabbit chocolates were sold.


I bought no salted macadamia nuts, almonds and Australian popular biscuit Tim Tam.

スーパーの外にカワイイ犬。A cute dog outside of the supermarket.


This 1 hour was the only free time during our 4 days tour. I shopped in a hurry. I took a photo of the supermarket after shopping.


On the way back to the hotel. Are these doodle bug’s holes?


We came back to the hotel again and meet with our agent Paul at the hotel lobby then went dinner. Beautiful sunset.

ファンシーなレストランへ。Went to a fancy restaurant.

アジア創作料理のお店です。Asian style original cuisine.

パッタイ。Pad Thai.

Paulさんのお友達のミュージシャン、Adam Kさんもご一緒に。素敵な夕食のひと時でした。


We had dinner with Paul’s friend Adam K who is a musician. I had good dinner with them.

I couldn’t imagined how we play on a truck but now I understand it. The performance day tomorrow! I’m looking forward to play on a truck!