1 March 2020, Perth Festival, Highway to Hell

3月1日(日)Perth Festival, Highway to Hell


Performance day for Perth Festival, Highway to Hell

Got up before noon and went to hotel restaurant on the ground floor.


I ate shrimp sandwich. It was good!


All performers gathered at the hotel lobby at 2pm and got into a big bus.


All passengers are musicians and their crew. It was like a party in the bus. Everybody were talking and laughing. It was so lively.


Everyone took their instruments and went to a dressing room.


There were 8 stage trucks. Our truck was No. 5.


Every truck has beautiful decoration.


Aboriginal ceremony for the safety of this parade was offered. I also prayed for it, too. This ceremony reminds me of the ceremony Japanese Buddhist temples and Shrines. They also burn plants.


Took a photo with a truck driver. Have a good drive.


In front of our banner.


Our stage. Adem took this photo.

ライブの写真はPaulさん撮影。Live photos by Paul


Numbers of people got together. I’ve heard that totally 100,000people came to see this event along the Highway of 10km.

新聞にも載りました。On a news paper.


こちらの新聞にも。News paper article.




There were 9 parks along the highway of 10km. We stopped there and played 1 song each but during the truck was moving, we never stopped playing songs.


Our truck was moving between 4km and 8km per an hour. Our soundman Greg was walking along the truck and remote controlling the sound with a tablet.


Our truck started at 7:36pm form the start spot and we played 4 AC/DC songs in 2 hours and a half constantly without a break except 5 minutes in the middle. Finally we arrived at the ending point at 8:07pm safely.

私たちが選んだ4曲は、Highway to Hell, Touch too much, Who made who, Rock’n’roll Singerです。Rock’n’roll Singerはあつこがリードボーカル。ほかの3曲はわたしがリードボーカルでした。合計すると、Highway to Hellを10回、Touch too much8回、Who made who6回、Rock’n’roll Singerを8回演奏しました。合計32。こんなに歌ったけど思いのほか、喉は大丈夫でした。

We picked up these 4 songs. Highway to Hell, Touch too much, Who made who, Rock’n’roll Singer.

I sang Highway to Hell 10 times, Touch too much 8 times, Who made who 6 times and Atsuko sang Rock’n’roll Singer 8 times. I sang 24 times but my there was no problem with my voice. I was thinking that my voice would go hoarse.


Took a photo with the producer. Thanks a lot!


After everything finishes, we rushed to the hotel restaurant directly from the venue with our equipment because the closing time was coming soon.



Paul and Greg, thank you so much!! You did great job!


I ordered a hamburger. It was so delicious after working a lot.

同じイベントに出演していたオーストラリアのバンド、The Pigram Brothersのみなさんが我々のテーブルのところまで来て美しいハーモニーを聞かせてくれました。何と7人兄弟のバンドだそう。7人もトラックのステージに乗ってたら狭かっただろうな。とにかく愉快で気さくな人たちでした。

An Australian band, The Pigram Brothers who played at the same event came to our table and sang a beautiful harmony song for us. They are 7 brothers band. The stage on the truck must be crowded. They were fun and friendly guys.


I went back to my room after dinner, packed my luggage, took a shower and had wine with Atsuko. I relaxed in bed after that for an hour with no sleep. Then I went down to the hotel lobby at 4:00am and drove to the airport.