21 February Koza, Okinawa Show


Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2021 第2日目


I had time until the departure time and walked around the hotel.


I went to a supermarket and bought Okinawa’s local cookies, brown sugar and “Fu”, dried bread-like pieces of wheat gluten. I will make Fu-champloo.


We rent a car and drove to the venue Koza Music Town Otoichiba. Cafe stands and some booths were now prepared to open.


受付。Ticket booth


There is an atrium. Downstairs is now under construction. Is it because of the state of emergency?


When we loaded in, these guys called out to me and one guy gave me his handmade guitar pedal. How cool! Thank you so much! Took a picture with them.

Shonen Knifeの文字入り! Painted “Shonen Knife” on it!


We went out for having lunch to the neighbors after put our luggage in the dressing room.


The streets around the venue looks like a town in the US somewhere.


The atmosphere of the town is exotic. I wished I had more spare time. I would like to walk around more. Many restaurants were closing down and there were not so much choice.


I chose Kebabu to go. People from US base, maybe, were eating out side seats. You can pay by US dollar, too. This chicken Kebabu costs 500yen but it was big and tasty.


Koza Music Town is a big building.


After having lunch at the dressing room, we did soundcheck. This picture of the floor is taken from the stage. I’m honored to play such a big beautiful music hall. The seats were setting up as “social distancing”.

Live pic by Atsushi


Then, show time! I was happy to see the audience directly. It’s a real LIVE. Thank you for coming to our show. This show was live streamed, too. Thank you for watching us in the cyber space!