712 Day Party 2021 福岡「秘密」6月26日(土)

712 Day Party 2021 Japan Tour at “Himitsu” Fukuoka

Saturday 26th June


Atsuko, Risa and I went to eat Ramen for lunch close to the hotel. I love Nagahama Ramen which is Kyushu style thin noodles with Tonkotsu soup. It was very good!


We loaded in the venue called “Himitsu”. This is a new one and beautiful venue.


Bar space is open style at the front.


Inner space is the venue. It’s beautiful.


お客様には、マスクを着用し、声は出さずに他の人との間隔を開けて観覧していただきました。来ていただいたみなさん、ご協力ありがとうございました!ツアー初日で、初めて演奏する曲や、久しぶりに演奏する曲もかなりあって、緊張した!ライブ終盤、わたしが「Bear up Bison」のキーを間違えて、始めちゃったけど、それがかえって面白いハプニングとなったみたい。ライブ中、マスクの向こうからみなさんの笑顔があふれる様子を感じられた事、大きな拍手をたくさんいただいた事、大変うれしかった!!4年ぶりの福岡、サイコーな夜となりました。

We loaded in the venue, did sound check and set merch table. Being very busy and our show time came very quickly. It started from 17:00 because of “Priority measures to prevent the spread” in Fukuoka prefecture. 17:00! So early.

The audience had to wear masks and keep social distance and silence when they watch the show. Everyone kept the rule strictly. Thank you very much! I was nervous for the first day of the tour and first set list. Some songs were our first performance and some songs were playing first time after a long time. At the end part of the show, we played “Bear up Bison”. I started from the wrong chord but people enjoyed the happening. I was so happy that I could felt everyone’s happy smile even they wore masks and got applause. It was the first time to come to Fukuoka after 4 years. Our show went very well and we could have a very good time.


After show, we loaded out very quickly and had tasty dinner.


Sashimi, Karaage, fried chicken


Fried fish. Oita tomorrow.