712 Day Party 2021 大分 「アトホール」6月27日(日)

712 Day Party 2021 “AT HALL” Oita Sunday 27th June


Checked out the hotel and we drove to Oita from Fukuoka.


This yogurt drink which I bought a driver’s cafe between Fukuoka and Oita was so thick and delicious.


It was foggy on the way to Oita.


After the arrival at Oita, I had delicious lunch set of local foods. Toriten, chicken tempura and Ryukyu, fish marinated in sweet soy sauce.





Arrived at AT HALL. It’s on the 3rd floor of this building. Our Oita show is after 4 years as Fukuoka.


開演17時。The show starts 17:00.

自分たちのサウンドチェックが終わり、本日オープニングアクトを務めて頂くTHE HOLDENS がサウンドチェック。ポップでキャッチ―な音楽がすばらしい。

After our sound check, today’s support band THE HOLDENS checked. Their music is pop and catchy.


We set up the merch table. Re-make Heart T-shirt and many other good were on sale. This re-make Heart T-shirt was originally made in 1991 and members of Nirvana wore it.


Oita is the hometown of our drummer Risa. Her family and friends came to see our show. It was the second day of the tour and we got used to the new set list. The show liven up by many audience.


There was not particular “priority measures ” in Oita. Of course people kept social distance each other and between the stage.


Thank you for having us the encore!

ライブ終了後、THE HOLDENS のみんなと記念撮影。おつかれさま!

We took photos with THE HOLDENS. Thanks for the great job!

そして、何と!りさちゃんのご家族「BRINKY family」から素敵なケーキの贈り物を頂きました!感謝感激!カワイイケーキにびっくり!!ありがとう。おいしかった!

What a great surprise! Risa’s “BRINKY family” gave us this fabulous cake. I was so happy. Thanks a lot! It was delicious.


Risa went to her family house and others went to a hotel in Oita. I ate yummy pudding and went to bed.