712 Day Party 2021 大分から大阪6月28日(月) 移動日

712 Day Party 2021 Travel Day from Oita to Osaka Monday 28th June


I got up in the morning and ate a pastry which I bought yesterday at a bakery in a local supermarket for breakfast. I was surprised about the price of the bread was cheap. After that I took a walk around Oita station mall building and the old shoppers street. There are few people. The atmosphere of the street was retro taste.


After that, we drove to Osaka. I saw steam of Beppu Onsen’s hot springs from a car window.


Stone Kappa dolls at a driver’s cafe.


Kanmonkyo Bridge which is between Kyushu and Honshu. Good bye Kyushu. I will come back again. I enjoyed two shows in Fukuoka and Oita very much! I would like to play in other cities in Kyushu.


I ate Karei-no-Nitsuke for lunch. It’s boiled flounder in sweet soy sauce. How tasty it was!


I worked hard so treated myself to ice cream. I was happy.


We arrived to Osaka safely at night. I would like to enjoy the delicious foods from Fukuoka and Oita this week.