今日は約3時間の移動だけどスタジオセッションがあるので、朝9時15分にホテルを出発しました。ヒューストン近くまで行ってランチ。私はサンドイッチのJimmy John’sに、直子はタコベル。後の4人はチポーレメキシカングリルに行ったとさ。

It took about 3 hours drive today. We had a studio session in Houston 1pm, so we left the hotel at 9:15 am. Drove to near Houston and had lunch. I ate Jimmy John’s sandwich. Naoko went to Taco Bell. Others went to a Chipotle Mexican Grill.


We arrived at Houston Public Media and loaded our gears.



We played three songs. And we got interview.


It was raining hard outside! We didn’t get caught in the rain!


We dropped off our luggage at the hotel and went to the venue.

会場は2階。エレベーターがありました!これ大事。 搬入してたら激しい雨が降ってきて大変でした。

Upstairs. There was an elevator. It’s important things.   It started rain hard when we loaded our gears.


After sound check we went to buy dinner.


We got a interview in the dressing room.

Me Like Beesのライブ、エンジョイしたよ。今夜が彼らの最後のステージです。

I enjoyed Me Like Bees live show. Tonight was their last show.


Shonen Knife’s turn!

Live photo by Kira


Thank you for coming to see our show! We had a great time with you!!


Two bassists. Jake and me.


Two drummers.  Louis and Risa.


Vocalist and guitar, Luke


Guitarist Pete.

クルーも含め、全員で写真を撮りました。Me Like Bees の皆さん、16回ものサポート、ありがとうございました。素敵な音楽、これからも楽しみにしています。

We took a picture together with both crews. I’d like to say thank you to Me Like Bees who supported us 16 shows from beginning. Thank you for great music! I hope to play with them again!

少年ナイフのツアーはまだまだ続くよー!  Keep on Rocking だよー!

Shonen Knife North American tour continues.  Keep on Rocking!!

Thank you Houston Rock City!

September 16 White Oak Music Hall, Houston TX


Left the hotel at 9:15, drove to the neighbors of the destination and each of us had lunch at each places. I went to Taco Bell and ordered regular Taco and a cup of hot coffee. I’m happy to get hot coffee.


Houston is coming closer.

今日最初の目的地は、ここ。Houston Public Media 。2曲演奏と、インタビューの収録をする。

The first destination is here. Houston Public Medea. We had a plan to play 2 songs and having an interview.

機材の搬入。Load in.


Soon after we loaded in the studio, it started raining. It was cloudy but we were safe. We didn’t get rain.


Sat up equipment and record.


The video shooting for the 2 songs which planned went well and we recorded one more song. And we had an interview.


We could finish video shooting safely and loaded out. Then we dropped off our personal luggage at a hotel and drove to the venue. The weather getting worse again.


It was raining very hard when we arrived at the venue. All of us got wet and loaded in.


This venue seems new.


They had outside stage. It looks like “Rock Festival Everyday”.


The entrance seems like a big concert hall.


There was a venue on the first floor but it was closed today. Our venue was upstairs.


When we were doing sound check, the speaker in front of the stage didn’t work. The sound man at the venue had to repair.


I ordered 2 bottles of beer for our catering but there was no beer in these some shows. It may missing from the list at somewhere. I was a little sad. I don’t drink too much. Just one bottle for me and another for Atsuko.

近くに何も無かったので、Jakeに車を出してもらい、メキシカンのお店へ晩御飯を買いに行った。注文時の名前はナンシー。本名で頼むと、間違えられたり、聞き返されたりして時間かかるからね。ナンシーって、The Heartちゃうけど。

There was no restaurant around the venue. I asked Jake to drive us to a Mexican deli. I use Nancy when I order food. Naoko is not a common name here and it’s easy to order at the counter. The Heart has Nancy, too.


I had a cheese burger because I ate Taco for lunch. It cost five dollars. It was spicy. Is it because of Mexican? I was starved and ate very quickly. It was my first burger for this tour.


I took a little rest at the dressing room after having an interview from a university student. Then show time!

Live pics by Kira


We could have cheerful friendly audience today, too. Thank you so much for coming to our show!

ツアー前半サポートを務めていただいたMe Like Bees の皆さんとも今日でお別れ。素晴らしい音楽、素晴らしいステージをありがとう!お疲れさま!


It was the last show with Me Like Bees who supported our first half of the tour. Thank you for fabulous music and great shows!

2 vocalist picture with round shaped faces?!


Drummers and a ex drummer took a picture.


前列左から、ナイフグッズコーナー担当のきらちゃん、りさちゃん、わたし、あつこ、Vocal & Guitar の Luke, 中段は、Drums のLouis, グッズコーナー担当のDennon, Guitar のPete, 後列は、BassのJake, ナイフツアーマネージャーKenny, ナイフステージマネージャーJake。


At the end, all members of the bands and crew took a picture altogether. It reminds me of Japanese show. We often take a picture altogether after show in Japan.

Front left to right: SK merch girl Kira, Risa, me, Atsuko, Luke (vo. Guitar),

Middle: Louis (drums), merch boy Dennon, Pete (guitar),

Back: Jake (Bass), SK tour manager Kenny, SK stage manager Jake

Last half of the tour started! I will do my best and let’s have fun together!