Sep 19 Richmond, VA. THE CAMEL


Good morning! We drove to Richmond from Atlanta. It has 526 miles distance.  It takes 8 hours drive without traffic and toilet break. What time can we get Richmond?


We decided not to do sound check tonight. We left the hotel 9:40am and went to a bakery which Kenny’s favorite in Atlanta.


We had a toilet break somewhere in North Carolina.

お昼ご飯はお昼ご飯はチキンのChick-fil-A で。バンでクリームパンを食べたのでキッズメニューを頼みました。へへ。

We went to a Chick-fil-A for lunch. I ordered kids meal. Because I ate a pastry in the van.


Toilet break.   Risa bought spicy chips for her friends.


Finally we arrived at the venue after long drive. It was 7:39 pm.


We loaded in quickly. We chose food from menu. I ordered fish tacos! It was delicious! I couldn’t finish it, so I brought to the hotel and ate later.

今夜のサポートバンド、Captain Scrunchie。

The first support band, Captain Scrunchie.

次は、Talk Me Off。

Next one was, Talk Me Off.


Shonen Knife‘s turn! It was sold out show tonight!! Thank you so much! You guys gave me lots energy! I had a great time with you!!

Live photo by Kira

Thank you Richmond Rock City!

September 19 The Camel, Richmond VA


It’s a show day after very very long drive. We left the hotel at 9:40 and drove a while, went to a Chinese bakery which Kenny’s recommendation.


They sold fancy breads. I bought 4 pastries. I wanted to buy sliced bread but it was too big. I might can’t eat all. I didn’t buy it.


I bought a red beans mochi pastry which Kenny’s favorite and ate it in the van. It was my first experience to eat such tasted bread. Not too sweet red beans and sweet mochi which is the same one with mochi ice inside and covered a little sticky bread then crispy shell outside. Yum.


At a gas station we stopped after a while. There were various kinds of beef jerkies.


Why skeletons are so popular?


The way of display was unique.


After that, we dropped at Chick-fil-A which is a chicken fast food restaurant. I asked that could I ordered kids meal and it was okay. Atsuko and I ordered this. A small toy came with the meal. We gave them to FISA and Kira. It was good that they looked happy.


At an another gas station where we filled up fuel. The design of the packages were interesting.


Finally!!! We could see the town Richmond. It took 12 hours from our hotel this morning.


The door at the venue was already opened. There were many people at the bar next to the venue. The show hadn’t started. We loaded in our equipment quickly. We had no sound check today.


We picked up our dinner from the menu of the bar and delivered to the dressing room. I ordered crab cake sandwich. For the side, salad with ranch dressing. It was so yummy! I ate half of it and took away the leftover. You should be careful for crab shell when you eat crab cake.



2 support bands finished to play. It’s our show time! We had to set up whole drum kit. After line check, our show had started.

The venue was packed and there were many people not only the venue but at the bar.

Live pics by Kira


Thank you for the sold out show! I was happy so many people came to see our show after 12 hours travel. Thank you for coming to our show and cheerful support during the show. Washington DC tomorrow.