Nov 9 Sydney Australia. THE METRO


We went out for work from morning.


I ate Pad See Ew at a Thai restaurant for lunch. It was delicious!


There was a Asian store. I wanted to drink something sweet. I bought Calpico.


We went back to the hotel and took a rest.


Naoko and I went to the mall and had dinner. I wanted to eat sushi. Because Naoko was eating sushi yesterday. And it looked delicious!


I had crepes with lemon butter and powder sugar for dessert.


We went to the venue with same member of yesterday. Thanks for giving us ride.

The Fauves


And our turn. We Rocked!


Regurgitator was playing. The crowds were enjoyed!


Shonen Knife was on the stage with Regurgitator for encore. We played Ramones song.

Thank you Sydney Rock City!

November 9 THE METRO, Sydney Australia


I found this application which is “who is your look like celebrity?” And I tried it. Totally doesn’t look like. Should I make up my eyebrow thickly?


I expected this photo to be a Japanese comedienne “Kuruyo Ima” but appeared like this. I sometimes talked from shop clerks around Namaba area in Osaka in English. I was taken as a sightseeing people from Asian country. But this is different.


We went out for our duty from morning.


I had pork and green vegetable rice at a Thai restaurant. So spicy! But so tasty.


The mall which the Thai restaurant is included has a Chinese supermarket.

日本語だ。Japanese words there. “Your Choice”


We have this kind of drink in Japan but this may imitated.


This Chinese medicines pharmacy seems nice.


We went back to the hotel once and I went out for dinner hunting. This photo is a swimming pool at our hotel. I didn’t swim, though.


I could see human faces on the tree!!! Where are they?


The answer is this. I see the left one is an witch. The right one seems like a mad scientist. Right?


I saw a kind of Uber Eats everywhere.


I came to this mall. Same with yesterday.


Same restaurant with yesterday.


Atsuko wanted to eat at this restaurant. I ordered not sushi but Poke Don. They used red rice. It was so tasty!! I love Edamame in it.


I bought fruit juice after dinner.


This is mid of Mango, Yogurt, Milk and Passion Fruit. The seeds of Passion Fruit were so solid. My teeth was nearly wrecked.


The building which has the mall. Very gorgeous.


I went to this Taiwanese Bakery, 85° on the right of this photo and bought pastries. There is a Japanese Ramen restaurant Ippudo on the left.

腹ごしらえ済んで明日の朝の食料も仕入れて、Ben, Quanといざ会場へ。昨日と同じMETROです。2Days。

I got full and bought my breakfast for tomorrow, we drove to the venue with Ben and Quran. It was the same with yesterday. The second day at METORO.

グッズコーナー。Merch stall.

着いた時はTHE FAUVESが演奏中。その後、我々のステージ。またまた盛り上がったよ。そしてRegurgitatorがライブして、アンコールにラモーンズのカバーをセッションした。何でか知らんけど、わたしがヴォーカルやる流れになってて、ジョーイになり切ったつもりでI wanna be sedatedを歌った。同じバンドとツアーしてて、セッションするのは面白い。

When we arrived there, THE FAUVES was playing. Then we played. The audience were excited again. Then Regurgitator played and for the encore, all members of Shonen Knife went up on stage and jam Ramones’ song. It was fun to do jam session at nearly the end of the tour.


The audience were too excited and like this after show.

THE FAUVESとは、Perthまで約1週間のお別れ。そして、記念撮影。

We will see THE FAUVES next week in Perth. We took photos.


See them in Perth.


I got very tired after show in the evening. But I got hungry and made steamed rice. Put a freeze dry beef egg bowl sauce on it. I put too much hot water but this was good. I had vegetable juice, too. I got full and good night.