August 3rd Madison, WI

8月3日(金) Madison, WI “university of Wisconsin Memorial Union Terrace”


This is a toll box.  It’s very big like a sink.


We arrived at University of Wisconsin.  It was a beautiful campus.

一足違いに到着した、White MysteryのAlexも私同様、KISS T-shirtを着ていたので、さっそく写真撮影。(弟くんのフランシス撮影)

Both of Alex from White Mystery and I were wearing KISS T-shirts and we took a picture.  Her brother Francis took this pic.


In front of the campus, there is a beautiful lake.  There was a big terrace aside from it.  Anybody can use for free to use this place and seeing the lake, enjoy eating and drinking beer at tables.



The lake was like this.  Various kinds of boats were there.  Some people were swimming.

A duck was swimming beside of the sign which said do not feed ducks.


We played this open air stage.  The atmosphere was so nice.  More than 2000 people gathered around our stage.  In front of our stage, it was especially crowded.  It looked that everybody enjoyed our stage and I was so happy, too.  Thank you very much!