August 5th, Fargo, ND

8月5日(日) “The Aquarium”  Fargo, ND

道中、お昼ご飯は、またまた登場Jimmy John’sのサンドイッチ。クルーのJohnとRyanのお気に入りなのです。特にJohnは毎日食べたいぐらい好きなんだって。お味はよろしいです。でも大きい。わたしには、この半分のサイズでちょうどいいわ。

On the way, we had Jimmy John’s sandwich again.  It’s our crew John and Ryan’s favorite.  Especially John likes it as much as he’s like to eat every day.  It’s tasty but the portion is big for me.  Half size is suitable for me.


At a gas station, fishing goods were sold.  There are many lakes and ponds around here.


My dessert was a cookie.  It’s big, too.  I can’t eat all of it.


We arrived at Fargo.  We had time and went to a café.  I saw giant cookies there.  North Dakota is famous for Bison.


The venue is like this.


Wow!! Cute poster!!  Next to ours, there was a Melvins’.



We went to “All you can eat” Chinese restaurant though I ate a lot of sandwich and a cookie for dinner.  We can enjoy various kinds of entrée and dessert with $10.  I especially liked shrimp honey mayo.

We ate a lot and got ready for the show.  Lots of audience seemed that they enjoyed our music.  It was the first time for us to come to Fargo, though.  There were people who bought all kinds of albums and requested many songs.  People in town and venue were kind to us, too.  Thanks a lot!