August 11th, San Jose, CA

8月11日(金) San Jose, CA “Blank Club”


食後は、日本のスーパーNijiya Marketで、食料の調達。ちなみに、ビニール袋は、日本から持参した「スーパーマルナカ」の袋です。

After San Francisco show, we drove to San Jose and checked in a hotel.  The next day on August 11th, we went to Japan Town and had lunch at a Japanese Restaurant called Gombei which was recommended by our Japanese audience in San Francisco.  I ate chicken cutlet plate.  It was so yummy.

After lunch, we went to Nijiya Market, a Japanese grocery and bought foods.  I used my plastic bag from Japan, though.

一旦宿に帰って、昼からはサンノゼ大学のラジオ局で、アコースティックギター演奏の「Osaka Rock City」と「Sushi Bar Song」を収録。

We went back to hotel and in the afternoon, we recorded acoustic session of “Osaka Rock City” and “Sushi Bar Song” at San Jose’s college radio station.

また、宿に一旦戻って、会場入り。3年前にも出してもらったBrank Club。こちらの会場はセキュリティーの人が至れり尽くせりで、助かります。我々のポスターも飾っていただいております。ありがたい。

Went back to hotel again, then loaded in to the venue, “Blank Club”.  We played here 3 years ago, too.  Security guys were very kind.  Our poster was on the wall.  Thank you very much.


I ate delicious pasta from a restaurant near by the venue.

西海岸でサポートしてくれている、The Mallardのステージ。そして、ローカルバンドのGirls with Gunsのみなさんと写真を撮りました。

“The Mallard”.   They support us for west coast.  Cool band.  We took a photo with the local band “Girls with Guns”.


I asked Atsuko to take our stage photo.  I’ve got words form some audience “thank you for coming to San Jose!”.  I was so happy and want to come back again.