August 16th, Austin, TX

8月16日(木) Austin, TX “Red 7”


6 hour drive took us to Austin.  Outside scenery was like this.  Sand mountain.



On the way, I ate chicken taco at a Mexican restaurant.  Just one small size taco, though.  Our tour crew Ryan likes Mexican foods a lot and eats it most of everyday.

(Pepe’s)                                       (Ryan, me, John)

さて、会場到着。去年も演奏させて頂いた、Red 7です。前回は外のステージでしたが、今年は屋内で。暑いし、蚊がいっぱいだしね。

We arrived at the venue Red 7 where we played last year.  We played outside stage last year and this year inside stage.  There were many mosquitoes and it was hot outside.


I found a pub called Jackalope which is an imaginary animal in Taxas.


We went to a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant which I found on GPS and ate Pho.  I expected to eat Pho in these few weeks.  Because, Pho is one of ‘not greasy’ food.


They say Austin is a music city and there were so many music lovers at our show.  Dancing, drinking and screaming, everybody there were having fun.