August 17th, Dallas, TX

8月17日(金) Dallas, TX “Club Dada”


From Austin to Dallas, it took 3hours and a half.  We had a time to go to eat lunch at a BBQ restaurant.  There was a lone star flag in the restaurant.


Meat, meat, meat.  Pig out, pig out, pig out.  Beef, Pork rib, Turkey.


After lunch, I bought a cup of frozen coke.


We arrived at Club Dada.  Neighbors.

夕食は、お寿司。このお店、「Deep Sushi」は、90年代にも行ったことがあります。そのころより、格段においしくなっていました。だって、前に行ったときは、お味噌汁を頼んだら、コンソメスープが出てきたんですもの。

We had Sushi for dinner.  I’ve ever been to this restaurant “Deep Sushi” in ‘90’s.  Menu and taste got much better.  Because when I came here, Miso soup was consommé soup.


We could play well with Sushi power.  People in Texas are very cheerful and energetic.  Thank you!


After show, we drove to hotel.  We got through underneath the thick rain cloud.  Thunderstorm and lightning were so hard.  We couldn’t see the view like this photo.  We got splash from big tracks John drove well.  Taken by GPS, we arrived at not a hotel but this water tank.  It might be a trap by alien and water tank is a UFO?!  Anyway, after a few minute drove, we could arrive at hotel safely.