1st ,October Osaka Ramones show at Cargo, London

10月1日(月) 大阪ラモーンズのライブ。ロンドンのCargoにて。


My lunch is  Tomato soup.  I’ve ate it during North American tour in August.  It’s always yummy.  English one is the similar size of  Japanese, isn’t it?


Our tour van picked up us and arrived at “Cargo”.  This photo is a bar.  There was a stage on the left.  The venue is underneath a railroad but the space was big.


I age club sandwich for dinner.  Chicken, beacon, boiled egg and vegetables with mustard mayo.  So yummy.


Tickets were sold out and so many audience seemed enjoy our stage.  The floor after the show.  It was George, Damnably’s birthday.  Happy birthday George.

そして、関係者みんなで記念撮影。Took photos with crew and bands.

Aaron from American Werewolf Academy drew pictures for our album “Free Time” of British version.  He is a great artist.

Our first show went well and thank you for coming and thanks for everyone who organized this show.

こちら、「アメリカンウエアウルフアカデミー」のアーロンは、少年ナイフのアルバム「Free Time」英国版のジャケットの絵の作者です。素晴らしい絵を描いてくれました。