3rd, October Glee Club, Nottingham

10月3日(水) ノッティンガム 「グリークラブ」


The scenery from a window of our van.  There were green hills.   In Japan, we have many mountains covered by trees but in England, covered by grass.  I saw lots of sheep, horses and cows at farms.  They smells sometimes.


I ate leek and potato soup for lunch at a food court of a big supermarket.


Arrived in Nottingham.  Big rainbow was appeared.  Sudden raining and sudden shiny makes this in England, right?

会場のGlee Club。グリークラブって合唱団?お笑いのライブもここでやってるみたいです。会場の近くにはきれいな川が。

This is tonight’s venue Glee Club.  It seems that we can see comedy talking show here, too.  There is a beautiful river around the venue.



My guitar.  Pick up change switch’s cover got broken but I like this one.

Great audience were rocking along our set.  It became a fantastic night.  Thank you for enjoying our show.  See you again soon.