4th October Cluny, New Castle

10月4日(木) New Castle, Cluny


Arrived at New Castle.  I found this modern building.  I don’t know what it is, though.   And the venue, Cluny.  We played here last year, too.


I took a picture from stage.  On stage, Emi is doing sound check.


I ate vegetable and cream cheese sandwich at the venue.  Yummy.


Pub area at the venue.  Beautiful bar counter.

この日から合流したdamnably(英国で我々のアルバムを出してもらっているレーベル)のバンド、Small Gangのみなさん。3人組めがね男子です。これからアイルランドまで車で一緒にツアーします。よろしくね。

“Small Gang” from damnably label.  3 boys with glasses.  We’ll tour together in a van.  Let’s have a good tour.


Full of people came to our show.  Thanks a lot.  I hope to come back again.