8th October Glee Club, Birmingham

10月8日(月) バーミンガム「グリークラブ」


It took one hour and a little more from Leicester to Birmingham but the hotel for this night is far and went to the venue first.  We had time until the open time of the venue.  We went to eat Chinese food because these area is a China town.


I had Chicken black bean sauce and Jasmine tea.  Everything was yummy.  I stayed at a coffee shop near the Chinese restaurant because it was raining.  I was too full to eat cake.


Here is the venue “Glee Club”.  It is the same chain with Nottingham one.  I’m sure that comic talking show is held here, too.  Beautiful venue.

バーミンガムのバンド、Johnny Foreignerがフロントアクトしてくださいました。彼らが大阪に来た時にライブ見せてもらって以来の再会です。面白いバンドです。

Birmingham band, Johnny Foreigner played with us.  I saw them when they came to Osaka.  They are cool band.


My dinner.  It looks regular Japanese Tempura Udon but I ate this at a Korean restaurant, soup was so spicy.  Japanese chopsticks are made by wood but Korean are metal one.  Anyway, it tastes so good.


Takoyaki Curry.  It’s a very creative menu!


Getting many wonderful audience, our show was finished safely.  Thank you very much.  Cardiff, Wales, next.  ROCK!