11th October Roisin Dubh Galway, Ireland

10月11日(木)アイルランドのゴールウェイ「Rosin Dubh」

Bristolから車で4時間半、Holly Headの港からフェリーに乗船。3時間15分の船旅は快適そのもの。広い船内には、食堂、免税店、ゲームセンター、キッズスペースなども完備されています。そして、アイルランドのダブリンに到着。

We drove 4 hours and a half from Bristol and took a ferry ride.  It was very comfortable in the ferry during 3 hours and 15 minutes journey.  Cafe, duty free shop, game space and kids room are there.  Then we arrived in Dublin.

ダブリンからさらに2時間ちょっと車に乗ってGalway着。フェリーの待ち時間などを入れて13時間もかかったよ。会場は去年もお世話になった、ここ、Roisin Dubh。

We had 2 hours drive from Dublin to Galway.  Totally it took 13 hours including boarding time for ferry from Bristol to Galway.  The venue is Roisin Dunh which we played last year, too.


For dinner, Ritsuko and Emi ate beef steak but I had goat cheese and vegetable sandwich.  It was so good.


It was very busy day.  From sound check time till the show time, time flies but everybody there seemed having fun.  Thank you!