13th October Whelan’s, Dublin Ireland

10月13日(土) アイルランド、ダブリンのWheral’s


When we were setting for sound check, Marty Friedman came to see us.  I knew he has a show in Dublin but I didn’t know that his venue is next to us.  So surprised.  We took pictures.  I was so happy to see him in Dublin.  Thanks Marty!


Here is the venue Whelan’s.  We played here last year, too.  Cool place.

中はこんな感じ。 Inside of the venue.


Our show was packed and many people were smiling and dancing during our show.  Thank you very much.


We ate Spaghetti alla Bolognese at a bar which is downstairs of Marty’s venue. I think I ate the same one last year.  Meat sauce was so yummy.