14th October Black Box, Belfast Northern Ireland

10月14日(日)英国、北アイルランドのベルファスト「Black Box」


2 hours drive took us from Dublin to Belfast.  There was no passport control.  Northern Ireland has own money like Scotland.  The design of the bills are different by printed bank.  We can’t exchange Ireland Pound and Scotland Pound  into Japanese yen in Japan.  If I bring those bill, it will be just a paper.  It’s mysterious.


The venue is Black Box which we played last year.

The lane in front of the venue was  stone road.  会場の前は石畳。

Our label’s boss, George is working very hard.  Thank you very much.



Pizza from the venue for our dinner.  It was yummy.  I ate 2 pieces and got full.  With the excellent driver, Ian.

オープニングアクトのStop Stop Start Againのみなさん。超イカつい見かけで、デスメタルでもやるのかと思ったら、ポップな感じでした。

“Stop Stop Start Again” opened up for us.  They looked like death metal musicians but actually, they are rather pop.

Our show went well and we had fun.  Thank you for coming to our show.