15th October The Waterfront, Norwich

10月15日(月)Norwich 「The Waterfront」

わたしたちが乗ったのは、Stena Line。すこぶる快適でした。フェリーだいすき。

We left the hotel at 4:30 in the morning.  It took 2 hours from Belfast to Dublin by car.  We got ferry from Dublin to Hollyhead with 3 hours and 30 minutes cruising.
Then we drove 6 hours 30 minutes and arrived Norwich.
Total journey time was 14 hours!  We slept in a cabin room.  Comfortable bed made me relax.  Our ferry was Stena Line and everything was comfortable.
I took ferry in January this year from Osaka to Beppu, Kyushu and it was mostly the same.
I always like ferry.  Menu at restaurant and layout in the ship was a little different, though.


We traveled 14 hours but we could play cheerfully.  Because I slept in a van most of all the time.
It was monday night but many people came to our show and we could have a good time.  Thank you.
People in Norwich were kind to us.  I’ve heard that Norwich is famous for wool and mustard.

ライブの後、お客さんのものらしきつけ毛(エクステンション)が床に落ちてて、Small Gangのドラマー、Mattさんにつけてもらいました。

After show, we found a piece of extention hair on the floor and put it on Matt, the drummer from Small Gang’s hair.
He had a little cold and coughing and put a mask. Drummers photo session.
Mask is popular in Japan but in Britain, no one put it.  (In America, too.)