17th October Beursschouwburg, Brussels BE



From London to Brussels, we took EURO Tunnel.  Cars boarded on a giant train.  It took only 35 minutes but time difference is one hour.

Arrived at Calais from Dover, I found cows.


ベルギーの首都、ブリュッセル到着。 Arrived at Brussels, the capitol city.

会場は、こちら。雨が降っていた。  Here is the venue.  It was raining.


Our dinner at the venue.  Chicken with tomato sauce was so tasty and salad, too.  Delicious!  Delicious!  Delicious!


Fancy waffle shop in town.


そして、うれしいお客様が。なんと、Ginger Wildheartさんご一行が、ライブにきてくれました。彼はこの日、我々の会場から徒歩10分のところで、Slashのライブのフロントアクトとしてライブしていたそうです。自分たちのライブが終わって駆け付けてくれた次第。ジンジャー、ありがとう!メンバー全員男前ぞろいです。


As I ran accross Marty in Dublin, I happened to meet great guys at unexpected place.

Many great gentle audience came to our show and we had very good time at our show.

Then we had fantastic guests.  Ginger Wildheart and his band came to see our show.  They are touring with Slash.  Their venue was just  10 minutes walk from ours.   Soon after their show was finished, they rushed to our show.  Thanks Ginger!!!  All members of his band are so handsome.


Hasselt, next.