18th October Muziekodroom Hasselt, BE

10月18日(木)ベルギー、ハッセルト 「Musiekodroom」


It takes only one hour by car form Brussels to Hassalt and we went to a coin laundry place after checking out the hotel.
Laundry machines seemed busy.


We ate lunch during wash clothes.  I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese.  It was a big portion.  Is this size standard in Belgium?  It tasted so good.
Cafe Latte was good, too.

そして、ハッセルトの町に到着し、会場入り。写真は今日からライブを一緒にするFormer Utopia。サウンドチェック中。Damnablyレーベルのボス、ジョージのバンドです。

Then we arrived in Hasselt and loaded into the venue.  This photo is Former Utopia.  They are soundchecking.  It’s George’s band who is a the boss at Damnably label.
George sings and plays the guitar and an beautiful lady Rama plays the drums.
In these 2 days in Belgium, the venues, dressing rooms, dinner and catering, everything was so good.  Thank you!


For dinner, we went to a very fancy restaurant 5 minutes by car form the venue. We ate Mussels steamed by white wine, Beer boiled beaf ane etc…
I ate a lot!  Everything was a big portion and fresh mussels and fresh vegetables were so delicious.


We had a good time on stage.  Audience were getting hot more and more from the middle of the show.  Thank you very much!

In addition, the statue I talked about at our show is here.