20th October travel day from Utrecht to Hamburg

10月20日(土)移動日 オランダのユトレヒトからドイツのハンブルグへ。

(取水塔だそうです)(I’ve heard this is a water tower.)


We checked out the hotel at noon.  Check out time in UK and Europe is usually noon.  It’s easy for musicians who have to work late at night.
In America, it is 11:00 and in Japan, 10:00.
This is a dangerous bakery shop because we kept waiting for very long time to get lunch.  The shop guys skipped our order and cook others’ order first.
Also they served different menu from our orders and we had to pay more…


Anyway, we went to get our equipment to the venue and had 5 hours drive to Hamburg, Germany.  We arrived around 6 p.m.
Soon after we arrived, we went to eat dinner for German restaurant.  I ordered Schnitzel.

It is a cutlet.  I love it.  I had red wine, too.

Took a picture at the hotel lobby.  Tomorrow, Denmark.