September 19th Thursday, “Kunstlerhaus” Nuernberg, Germany

September 19th Thursday, “Kunstlerhaus” Nuernberg, Germany



I got up in the morning in Plague and found breakfast tray in front of my room.  I ate it in the room.


Then we drove 3 hours and arrived in Nurnberg, Germany. This is the venue.


I saw our photo on a poster.


For catering, we’ve served various taste sandwiches.


For dinner, we went to a restaurant downstairs of the club.  I ate Schnitzel which has ham and cheese inside.


Around the venue was downtown and there were a lot of beautiful buildings. I had only 15 minutes to see around. I’d like to visit this town again.

ライブも楽しくできました。お客さんのノリもうなぎ上りでした。そして、たくさんのお客さんとライブ後、meet and greetができました。ダンケ!

We had a very good time there and the reaction of the audience was going very well. We did meet and greet after show and talked with many people.  Danke!