Wednesday 30th April Manchester, UK



Wednesday 30th April Manchester, “Ruby Lounge”

4月30日(水) イギリス Manchester 「Ruby Lounge」

我々の英国のレーベル、ダムナブリーのバンド、Small Gang と共に車内和気藹々で一路、マンチェスターへ。
まず、BBC Radio 6 で生演奏。DJはおなじみ、Marc Rileyさん。快調なおしゃべりとロックな選曲。2年前のPop Tune ツアーの時にも出演させてもらいました。

We drove to Manchester with “Small Gang” from Damnably label.

We are happy to play with them again.

For the first, we went to BBC Radio 6 in Manchester and played live seession at well knownn super DJ Marc Riley’s show. His talking is so cool and selection of music is great. We’ve played there 2 years ago whe we released Pop Tune album, too.

I took a photo in BBC Radio 6 studio.





After radio session, we went to the venue. Changing into shiny silver costumes, we ROCKed in front of a big audience. It was so busy and I couldn’t take any photo.

I thank to people who came to our show.