Tuesday, September 16 St. Paul, MN 「1000th show!!」

Tuesday, September 16 St. Paul, MN
Turf Club

9月16日(火)「Turf Club」セントポール

Finally, it’s 1000th show!


We took requests through internet and put the beat 8 in our set list.


There were so many audience there. Some people came from very far away. Blessing our 1000th show, the audience’s applause was so loud. I thank to people who send 1000th anniversary message to us.




1000th show is a one passage point and also it’s a start point. We’d like to do our best for our shows and hope you enjoy more.
I don’t know how long I can keep on rockin’ but anyway I can do until I can’t do it.

Thanks everybody!!

From 7 to 14 are requested songs.
We tried to have our original member Atsuko as a guest but she got Gallstone attack and it didn’t happening.
I hope Atsuko get well soon.

Set for 1000th show

1. Banana Chips
2. Twist Barbie
3. Bad Luck Song
4. Like a Cat
5. Ramen Rock​
6. Green Tea​
7. It’s a new find
8. Miracles
9. Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner’s Theme
10. Insect Collector
11. Kappa Ex.
12. Catnip Dream
13. Don’t hurt my little sister – Goose step mama
14. I am a Cat​
15. Pop Tune
16. Riding on the Rocket
17. Pyramid Power
18. Antonio Baka Guy