Monday, September 22 Cambridge, MA

Monday, September 22 Cambridge, MA
Middle East Upstairs

9月21日(月)「Middle East Upstairs」ケンブリッジ


We left the hotel in Montreal a little early in the morning and crossed the border, came back to the. U.S. Then arrived at MIT!


We’re invited or panel discussion. The professor Ian spoke beautiful Japanese and I ashamed my poor childish English. Anyway, for the first 30minutes, we talked with Ian and the last half, we got questions from the students and audience. There were many people. Some people had to keep standing. After the discussion, we had meet and greet with cheese and crackers. I was happy to talk with people there. Thank you, Ian!


そのあと、徒歩5分程で会場のMiddle Eastに到着。ラインチェックを行い、ライブまでのひと時を近所のアイスクリームカフェ「Toscanini」でカフェラテを頂いたりしつつ過ごしました。ラテ、おいしかったです。
Then we walked about 5 minutes to the venue “Middle East”. After line check, I got Cafe Late at an ice cream cafe “Toscanini” which is the neighbors of the venue. It was nice.


For. Dinner, I had Middle Eastern dish at the bar. It was good.


The show was sold out! We had a great groove with the audience. Thanks everybody and hope to come back again!