Friday, October 3 Austin, TX

Friday, October 3 Austin, TX
Red 7 (inside)

10月3日(金)「Red 7」 オースチン

We got traffic jam but arrived at the hotel in Austin safely. After an hour break, we loaded in the venue. We’ve played this venue Red 7 sometimes before.


サウンドチェックを済ませて夕食を食べに、一つ向こうの通りに行きました。我々の北米のレーベル、Good Charamel Recordsから、ナイフグッズ販売コーナー担当として帯同の美代子さんが探しあててくれたラーメン屋さん「だるま」へGo!
We went dinner to a street 1 block away after sound check. Miyoko our merch woman who is from our North American Good Charamel Records found a nice Ranen noodles restaurant called ‘Daruma’.
I ordered Miso Ramen. Looking the menu, I can tell it’s categorized to Sapporo Ramen.
It was so tasty and better than some of Japanese one. I liked it that stir fried thin sliced chicken on the top of Ramen. I ordered Onigiri, a rice ball to go for my late dinner after show.


食後にメインストリートを少しだけ散策。通り沿いのあちこちのバーでライブ演奏をしていました。どのバンドもいぶし銀の演奏。ZZ Topみたいな音楽が多かったと思います。一度、観光で来てみたいな。
I took a walk through the Main Street after dinner just a while. I saw many bands were playing at many bars along the street. Every band were playing very well. It seems that there were ZZ Top style music a lot. I’d like to come here for sight seeing.


会場に帰り、フロントアクトの演奏を聴かせてもらいました。Sweet TalkとWild Fires、両方共歌も演奏も良く、楽しませてもらいました。
I went back to the venue and saw the two front act’s play. Both ‘Sweet Talk’ and ‘Wild Fires’ were good. I enjoyed a lot.


Then our show time had came. Our audience got so excited and the stage was shaking. I was scared if the stage fall down. One of the music city Austin, I’d like to come again and sight seeing. I want to eat Ramen at ‘Daruma’ again,too. ramen Rock!

cf. People from ‘Daruma’ came to our show. Thanks!