Thursday, October 16 Denver, CO

Thursday, October 16 Denver, CO
Oriental Theater

10月16日(木)「Oriental Theater」デンバー

We left the hotel at 9am and had drive, drive and drive. After 9 hours and a half, we arrived at Denver. We goy through mountains of rocks. Ah, now I found that’s why it’s Rocky Mountains, right? It was so dry. There was a mountain like human face.


It seemed that last time the band came here was 7 years ago. Wow, have so many years passed? Anyway, I’m happy to be here again.


I had Pad Thai for dinner at a restaurant in neighbors. Actually I like hot taste but I ordered mild because I need to be careful for my health and throat during the tour. It was tasty. It’s convenient to search restaurants since we have internet. I wish there were internet in 90’s when Shonen Knife were touring.


この日の会場は大きなシアター。前座に出て下さった二つのバンド、Sparkle JettsとSonic Archers、どちらもいぶし銀の味わいでした。
The venue was a big theater. The two front bands, Sparkle Jett’s and Sonic Archers, both of them were deep taste good bands.


Then our show time! There were unbelievable many audience in the theater. All members were so excited to play and had good time. Thank you!


Before and during the show, I got beautiful flowers from our fan. I was so glad. I want to come back to Denver again.